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  • Benefits-Relieve back pain , muscle tightness and spasms.Work out abs for more effective exercises.
  • Quality-The gravity boots are made of Premium Materials.Due to the high quality, the gravity boots can withstand very heavy weights (up to 150 KG).
  • Extremely comfortable-Thick foam padding to secure.We suggest that People with thinner legs should wear thick socks or use a towel for extra padding for secure.
  • Design-The gravity boots can be perfectly fixed on ankles and feet of any size, and has a strong safety lock to ensure that the feet and ankles will not slip over the inversion boots, and can be attached to most size pull up bar (less than 35mm in diameter).
  • Construction-With heavy duty metal hook which can withstand and hold a large amount of weight on the pull up bar of most size, the anti-gravity boots also have a heavy duty metal band with a secure double lock to ensure that the user’s feet and ankles are safe and secure.
  • Inversion boots, otherwise known as
    gravity boots, allow for complete, inverted suspension from a stabilized horizontal bar or inversion rack.

    This type of therapy benefits the body in various ways: Core Training and Improves Joint Health.

    ZUKAM Gravity Boots:
    Suitable for people who have the basics of upside down training. Those who do not have the basics of upside down must be assisted by others and these people may feel ankles hurt.

    Package Include:
    –1 Pair Boots (not including the stand)
    –1* 2 meter high intensity band

    ZUKAM Anti Gravity Inversion Boots –