ZANNZA Inversion Machine Gravity Folding Inversion Machine Lumbar Yoga Increased Handstand Gym Equipment Load 100Kg – B0BVMFF5H8




  • ★[Heavy Duty Inversion Chair]The inversion chair consists of an integrated welded steel frame with a backrest that can support the user’s weight of 100 kg. It features double stability, a tight tension buckle and protective needle reinforcement. The safety headrest can protect the spine from injury. Before use, fasten the seat belt and you can start flipping
  • ★[Benefits of use] In daily life, people who sit and stand for a long time and do not have time to exercise can cause blood loss and make the body increasingly tired. Therefore, with the help of the inversion chair, it is helpful to improve intelligence. Perfect bone stretching, stovepipe shaping, lumbar stretching and stress relief
  • ★[Adjustable Inverted Back Stretcher] The height of the inverted back stretcher is adjustable from 145cm to 196cm. You can customize it through different training postures and different user groups. It is easy to fold and store and does not take up space. It can be placed in the family corner, suitable for use. For the whole family
  • ★[3 gears hole position]3 reverse angle adjustment gears, can be 25°, 40°, 60° fixed reversal angle, pull out the pin, can be reversed to 90°, ergonomic design is fully suitable for your waist flexion, relieve pressure and improve your health protection
  • ★[Best Service]We are committed to every customer. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide you with timely customer service. If you don’t like this style, you can check our store, there are other styles in the fitness equipment store
  • This home inversion machine is perfect for sculpting lean legs, stretching the lumbar spine, and refreshing girly bones. It is very suitable for people who sit and work for a long time, students with high pressure, people with herniated discs, people with back pain. By doing handstand training, you can get a healthy and strong body.

    With fitness you can:
    1. Reduce back pressure and promote blood circulation
    2. Optimize lumbar traction, reduce pressure on intervertebral discs and ligaments, and improve overall health
    3. Tones and strengthens the abs

    Detailed function
    Product Name: Inversion Table, Heavy Inversion Table, Machine Stretcher
    Product material: steel pipe, sponge, leather
    Color: black+orange
    Product size: 72*115*140cm
    Adjustable height: 145cm-196cm
    Carrying weight: 100 kg
    Package Quantity: 1*Inversion Table
    Applicable scene: office, home, gym, school
    Applicable people: beginners, men and women, children who want to grow taller, the elderly, young people

    Package list: handstand *1

    Best quality service:
    We only sell reversing tables, other products are just props, not commodities
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    ZANNZA Inversion Machine Gravity Folding Inversion Machine Lumbar Yoga Increased Handstand Gym Equipment Load 100Kg – B0BVMFF5H8