PowerTech Delux Inversion Table – B0BV73T59L




This Powertech Deluxe inversion table includes features that have been thoughtfully designed to improve comfort for the user. The thick memory foam padded back board features a separate head board attachment for additional support.

The back board also offers an additional strip of padding to cushion the lower back. High density foam ankle and shin supports eliminate the possibility of pinch point pressure ensuring that the user is able to complete a full inversion without straining the legs.

The oval tubing steel frame is ergonomically designed so that total inversion requires minimum user exertion

Benefits of Inversion:

  • Decompression of spine alleviates back pain
  • Relieves pressure on vertebrae discs and ligaments
  • Relaxes the whole body and reduces stress
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Stimulates blood circulation to relieve stiff muscles
  • Increase flexibility to improve athletic performance
  • Relieves lower back aches caused by sitting or standing for long periods

PowerTech Delux Inversion Table – B0BV73T59L