MUUNS Ab Abdominal Exercise Roller Elbow Support with Timer Automatic Rebound Abdominal Wheel Abs Roller Wheel Core Exercise Equipment for Home Workouts Gym – B0C3ZWMLCR




  • ♥ Ergonomic design: automatic rebound ab roller with punching arc top design, triangular load-bearing structure, solid and stable. Ab roller wheel with elbow support, two-in-one ergonomic design, which allows you to more scientific and precise force. The grip and elbow pad can be adjusted in multiple gears for different heights, giving you the best posture for sports
  • ♥ Comfortable: Compared to many different styles of abs rollers on the market, our self-rebounding abs roller with elbow support has soft foam grips and padded elbow pads for perfect comfort and less stress on your elbows, allowing your core to get more stretch and movement for a more perfect body line
  • ♥ High quality: This abs roller is made of environmentally friendly ABS+soft rubber + stainless steel, multi-layer material, very safe and durable (weight only 1.8kg; maximum weight capacity 150kg). With a counting sensor and cell phone holder, you can accurately record exercise data in real time, scientific and efficient exercise. You can also watch your favorite videos while exercising
  • ♥ Automatic rebound: Our abs roller has a built-in high elasticity silent spring, which is tight when the abs roller rolls forward and helps to reset when it springs back to effectively protect muscles and prevent sports injuries. It is well adjusted to the level of difficulty, so if you are new to the sport and want to start simple or just some light warm-up, keep your rolling distance short; if you are a fitness expert and want to have a strong burst of power, push it farther
  • ♥ Double wheel design: This Abs roller with 10.5cm wider wheel spacing imitation tire pattern front and back 2 wheels, smooth rolling, non-slip, better control, can effectively reduce the body left and right direction wobble, provide more safety assurance, especially for beginners
  • The auto-rebound ab roller with elbow support is the perfect addition to your workout gear, upgrading your core routine to engage multiple muscle groups (arms, chest, abdominals, back, glutes, lower body) to give you an easy and challenging full body workout

    ✔ Automatic rebound: easier to maintain proper form and posture
    ✔ Elbow support: provides comfort and stability to prevent discomfort or injury to your joints
    ✔ Intelligent counting sensor: real-time data monitoring, scientific control of the amount of movement

    ✔ Punch top curved design with triangular support structure
    High quality ABS +soft rubber + stainless steel material with punch top curved design and triangle support structure can withstand 330 pounds of weight and repeated use.

    ✔ Thickened elbow pad elbow support
    Padded elbow support helps you focus completely on your core instead of your form

    ✔ Comfortable foam grip
    Foam padded grips provide better grip and control of multi-angle movements

    ✔ Wide wheels
    Extra wide 10.5cm 2 wheels glide smoothly over any hard surface

    Material: ABS +soft rubber + stainless steel
    Weight: 1.8kg
    Load-bearing capacity: 150kg
    Applicable people: unisex

    1 × automatic rebound abdominal rollers
    1 × timer

    MUUNS Ab Abdominal Exercise Roller Elbow Support with Timer Automatic Rebound Abdominal Wheel Abs Roller Wheel Core Exercise Equipment for Home Workouts Gym – B0C3ZWMLCR