MuscleForge® Gravity Boots with Safety Lock Inversion Boots for Gravity Training for Overhang on the Back and ABS Training – B0BJ79RMYP




  • Universality – inversion boots are designed to fit perfectly with any ankle and foot size. A secure closure ensures that the feet and ankles cannot slip out of the inversion shoes. The shoes can be attached to a pole with a diameter of up to 36 mm
  • High quality: inversion boots are made of high-quality materials, which makes them extremely durable and comfortable. The comfortable 3 cm thick foam padding ensures comfort during exercise, our inversion shoes do not cause discomfort in the ankles like other anti-gravity shoes
  • Durable construction: the inversion boots can withstand a load of up to 150 kg. They have heavy duty metal hooks attached to 4 screws. The inversion shoes also feature a sturdy metal buckle with additional locking mechanism to ensure a secure hanging during training
  • Helps with back pain – The inversion overhang training has a positive effect on the decompression of the discs and hydration, which can help with back pain. It also has a positive effect on other joints and muscles. The benefits are visible after just a few minutes of daily training
  • ✅ New training stimulus – The overhanging training leads to a strong activation of the abdominal muscles, which increases their strength and makes them more visible
  • Gravity boots, also known as inversion boots, allow you to hang upside down on a pole. The boots are buckled around the ankles and hooked to the bar so you can safely hang upside down without the need for further attachment. This type of hanging has many health benefits for the body.

    Age and sedentary lifestyle cause the discs to lose moisture over time. Hydration is crucial for maintaining good padding between the vertebrae of the spine. The movement with the head down helps to hydrate the intervertebral discs and enlarge the space. This increases the absorption of the important liquids and nutrients they need to stay plump and flexible and maintain the cushioning effect.

    The reverse bar hang not only has a positive effect on the health of the spine, but also relaxes other joints and muscles. Unlike standing and sitting, this is a position that allows decompression of the intervertebral discs.

    The overhang with the head down is a great position for practicing abdominal blanket toning and abdominal training. Due to gravity, the abdominal muscles are most activated during these exercises in this position when they are most tense. This is ideal for developing stronger and more visible abdominal muscles.


    • Load capacity: 150 kg.
    • Hook width: 28 mm.
    • Hook thickness: 5 mm.
    • Shoe height: 18 cm (at the highest point).
    • Width: 15-17 cm.
    • Weight: 1.3 kg.
    • Material: foam, metal.


    • People with slimmer legs should wear shoes or additional clothing during use

    MuscleForge® Gravity Boots with Safety Lock Inversion Boots for Gravity Training for Overhang on the Back and ABS Training – B0BJ79RMYP