Multi-functional Gym Pull Up Handles | 4cm thick | 2 Pack – B0BQ793LCQ




  • Birch Hardwood for Superior Strength and Rigidity
  • Move move freely by allowing you to change the angle and distance as you move.
  • A nice natural raw wood finish for grip
  • Use as Lat Pull Down, T-Bar Row or cable machine attachments as well as pull-up grips.
  • Slight rotation to increase grip strength.
  • 40mm thick, 15cm long
  • 1 metre rope once attached allows for 30cm max distance from handle to end.
  • Hardwood Pull up handle is a multi-functional tool to easily allow more free movement to maximise muscle contraction by focusing effort directly into the muscles. When it comes to pull-up, in order to engage the lats it is alway best to pull outwards as you pull up, otherwise you will overuse your biceps and your lats will minimise the contraction of you lats. This tool allows you and attempts to force you to engage the lats more by allowing the angle to be changed as you pull up into a more natural wider pull to really force engagement from the lats. It also offers a nice natural raw wood finish for grip.

    Dynamic, Multi-Functional, Versatile.

    Can be utilised with door frame bars, pulleys, suspension systems, trees, resistance bands, cable machines, barbells for lat pull downs, t-bar rows, pull ups or anything you can think of.

    Our Pull Up Handles are light & portable.

    We believe that the more convenient the product is to travel with, the more often they will be used. This not only increases the value of the product as well as the effectiveness of it, but tremendously helps with improving strength as you will find you will use it more often, especially when you travel.

    Multi-functional Gym Pull Up Handles | 4cm thick | 2 Pack – B0BQ793LCQ