iLH Anti Gravity Inversion Hang Up Boots Inversion Boots Upside Down Fitness Exerciser Hang Up Therapy – B086Z29J93




  • Product features: Perfect for any size of ankles and feet, to ensure that the feet and ankles will not slip through the anti-boots. Two pairs of anti-boots can counteract the pull-down effect of gravity and can be connected to any size tie rods through a super-safe lock.
  • Maximum load-bearing design: gravity boots can withstand a large amount of weight (maximum 150 KG), and with a strong double lock, high durability and comfort to ensure the safety of the user’s ankle.
  • High-end materials: extremely comfortable foam padding, firm hooks, an incredible experience during exercise, and no ankle discomfort like other anti-gravity boots.
  • Customer message: I have been using this gravity boot to keep exercising, and the abdominal muscles have been developed, and the body is very comfortable after the exercise. I hope European friends have the opportunity to experience this product.
  • Sports coach recommends: Gravity boots help reduce back pain, cramps and muscle fatigue, help disperse compression discs and stretch the back, so that your physical fitness and height are well improved.
  • Features:

    If you suffer from muscle compression fatigue and problems related to cramps or back pain.
    You can take this perfect product home,
    Comfortable contour padding provides additional support,
    Reduce fatigue caused by muscle compression caused by cycling, jogging and other exercises
    You can also sit up and perform other abdominal exercises, while handstands can increase efficiency.
    A good presentation is made on the details of our product pictures.
    Upside down can bring many benefits,
    For example, stretching muscles, separating compressed discs, and reducing back pain.
    And be careful when installing the boots on the pole to ensure a safe connection.
    The best time to reverse is 30 seconds to 2 minutes,
    To prevent dizziness caused by changes in blood flow.

    Product Specifications:

    Colour: Black
    Material: foam steel buckle
    Weight: 3Kg per pair
    Size: Clearly displayed on the picture

    Product packaging:

    1 * A pair of inverted boots, 1 * 2 meters high strength safety booster rope

    iLH Anti Gravity Inversion Hang Up Boots Inversion Boots Upside Down Fitness Exerciser Hang Up Therapy – B086Z29J93