DASKING Portable Home Gym Resistance Bar Set with 4 Resistance Levels 300LBS Heavy Loading Full Body Workout Equipment Weightlifting Training Kit,Workout Guide Included – B08G4YW6BL




  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Our stick is made of a strong metal wrapped with 0.12″ thicken NBR foam grip for comfort. It can bear 300LBS. Heavy-duty Triangle Hook with Lock, make it can endure high-strength stretching exercises and prevent you from injury.The hook also fit other WIDTH ≤4cm/1.57″ resistance bands, that’s mean you can buy bigger or wider bands to use.
  • 4 DIFFERENT LEVELS RESISTANCE BANDS INCLUDED, CAN BE STACKED TO USE: Red (15-35lbs): 81.9″ (L) x 0.5″ (W) For Beginner and Women, Black (25-65lbs): 81.9″ (L) x 0.9″(W) For Intermediate and Women, Purple (35-85lbs): 81.9″ (L) x 1.3″ (W) For Advanced and Men, Green (50-125lbs): 81.9″ (L) x 1.8″ (W) For Professionals and Strong Men ,Total resistance over 310LBS, provide max resistance for every exercisers.You can be very easy to stack several elastic ropes to use according to your demands
  • HEAVY DUTY EXERCISE HANDLES AND DOOR ANCHOR: The handles are manufactured to be extra strong and durable. Equipped with the thick ABS tube grip, industrial strength core, Stainless Steel D-ring, and thick woven nylon webbing for comfortable, safe, and flexible to use and hold. The door anchor has a large foam stopper fits on all points of the door. Neoprene padded loop protects your bands from friction damage.
  • MULTIFUNCTION FITNESS EQUIPMENT-You can freely constitute many different exercise equipments according to your demands, Example :1. Stick+Elastic Band+Hook 2. Stick+Elastic Band 3.Stick+Elastic Band+Door Anchor 4. Elastic Band+Handles 5. Elastic Band+Handles+Door Anchor 6. Elastic Band+Door Anchor 7. Only Elastic Band. Guide Book Included, teaching you correct and effective exercises to arrive your goal. You also can imagine and conbine it with other own fitness equipments to use.
  • PORTABLE HOME GYM FULL BODY WORKOUT SYSTEM, COME WITH A STORAGE BAG-Total length for the stick is 56cm/22.04″, lightweight and portable,easy to use at home or in a personal training studio. Easily workout your upper body, lower body and core. You will work every major muscle group and KIKIGOAL comes with 4 resistance bands, 1 Exercise Bar,2 Handles, 1 Door Anchor, 2 Triangle Hooks at different tensile strengths to get the best workout.
  • DASKING Resistance Bar With 4 Levels Stackable Elastic Bands, Provide Max Resistance For Exercisers

    Red (15-35lbs): 81.9″ (L) x 0.5″ (W), For Beginner, Women

    Black (25-65lbs): 81.9″ (L) x 0.9″(W), For Intermediate, Women

    Purple (35-85lbs): 81.9″ (L) x 1.3″ (W), For Advanced, Men

    Green (50-125lbs): 81.9″ (L) x 1.8″ (W), For Professionals, Strong Men

    Ultra Heavy Duty Handles, Can Endure Strong Stretching
    The anti-skid Handles are designed to be wider and easier to wash than normal handles. And will last longer than foam
    grips. Extra strong and durable fitness handles made with industrial strength ABS tube grip, strong braided nylon
    strap and steel D-ring. Soft Silicone handles make it more comfortable to use

    Heavy Duty Lengthen Big Door Anchor
    The Door Anchor is longer and larger than normal door anchors. It means it can bear stronger strength.The soft yet
    dense foam wheel on the anchor prevent marks on your door. Super Strong Nylon Webbing and
    Neoprene Padding protects your bands from friction damage

    Heavy Loading Triangle Hooks
    The 5mm/0.2″ Thickness hooks can bear 3630lbs. Fit for WIDTH ≤4cm/1.57″ resistance bands. High-Quality screw
    provides a tight and secure connection

    Guide Book
    With our detailed instruction guide, you’ll get many different exercises to perform right from the comfort of your home.
    Learn specific exercises for the muscle group you want to train, which accessories you need and how to assemble them

    Portable Home Gym Full Body Workout Equipment It was designed as a multifunction full body workout system to help you lose weight, gain muscle, and improve
    your overall fitness level. Great for upper and lower body, butt, legs, arms, flexibility, endurance and agility.
    Resistance bar is 56cm/22.04″. A Storage Bag included, easy to carry Anywhere

    DASKING Portable Home Gym Resistance Bar Set with 4 Resistance Levels 300LBS Heavy Loading Full Body Workout Equipment Weightlifting Training Kit,Workout Guide Included – B08G4YW6BL